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Gwernymynydd and Cadole Community Council


The Community Council normally meets the last Thursday of the month (excluding August and December).


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2206 Agenda June 2022.pdf27 June 202298kB
2205 Minutes May 2022 AGM.pdf27 June 2022197kB
2203 Minutes March 2022.pdf02 May 2022188kB
2202 Minutes February 2022.pdf23 March 2022180kB
2201 Minutes January 2022.pdf17 February 2022187kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2111 Minutes November 2021.pdf19 January 2022178kB
2110 Minutes October 2021.pdf17 November 2021191kB
2109 Minutes September 2021.pdf22 October 2021176kB
2107 Minutes July 2021.pdf16 September 2021210kB
2106 Minutes June 2021.pdf20 July 2021185kB
2105 Minutes May 2021.pdf15 June 2021173kB
2104 Minutes April 2021.pdf19 May 2021181kB
2103 Minutes March 2021.pdf21 April 2021179kB
2102 Minutes February 2021.pdf16 March 2021180kB
2101 Minutes January 2021.pdf16 February 2021180kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2011 Minutes November AGM 2020.pdf09 January 2021203kB
2010 Minutes October 2020.pdf17 November 2020186kB
2009 Minutes September 2020.pdf20 October 2020179kB
2007 lockdown notes july 2020.pdf25 July 2020151kB
2006 lockdown notes june 2020.pdf16 September 2020158kB
2005 lockdown notes may 2020.pdf16 September 2020149kB
2004 lockdown notes april 2020.pdf16 September 2020164kB
2003 minutes march 2020.pdf16 September 2020151kB
2002 minutes february 2020.pdf24 July 2020178kB
2001 minutes january 2020.pdf25 September 2020196kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1911 minutes november 2019.pdf24 July 2020181kB
1909 minutes september 2019.pdf24 July 2020177kB
1908 minutes july aug 2019.pdf24 July 2020182kB
1907 minutes special meeting july 2019.pdf24 July 2020152kB
1906 minutes june 2019.pdf24 July 2020182kB
1905 minutes may 2019 agm.pdf25 September 2020176kB
1904 minutes april 2019.pdf24 July 2020164kB
1903 minutes march 2019.pdf24 July 2020164kB
1902 minutes february 2019.pdf24 July 2020174kB
1901 minutes january 2019.pdf24 July 2020196kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1811_minutes_november_2018.pdf07 August 2020173kB
1806_minutes_june_2018.pdf07 August 2020174kB
1805_minutes_may_2018.pdf07 August 2020175kB
1804_minutes_april_2018.pdf07 August 2020177kB
1803_minutes_march_2018.pdf07 August 2020178kB
1802_minutes_february_2018.pdf07 August 2020175kB
1801_minutes_january_2018.pdf07 August 2020181kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1711_minutes_november_2017.pdf07 August 2020173kB
1710_minutes_october_2017.pdf07 August 2020184kB
1709_minutes_september_2017.pdf07 August 2020176kB
1707_minutes_july_2017.pdf07 August 2020279kB
1706_minutes_june_2017.pdf07 August 2020434kB
1705_minutes_may_2017.pdf07 August 2020283kB
1704_minutes_april_2017.pdf07 August 2020423kB
1703_minutes_march_2017.pdf07 August 2020279kB
1702_minutes_february_2017.pdf07 August 2020276kB
1701_minutes_january_2017.pdf07 August 2020286kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1611_minutes_november_2016.pdf13 August 2020277kB
1610_minutes_october_2016.pdf13 August 2020272kB
1609_minutes_september_2016.pdf13 August 2020280kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1507 minutes july.pdf13 August 2020167kB
1504 minutes april 2015.pdf13 August 2020265kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1407 minutes july 2014.pdf13 August 2020235kB
1406 minutes june 2014.pdf13 August 2020195kB
1405 minutex may 2014.pdf13 August 2020389kB
1404 minutes april 2014.pdf13 August 2020193kB
1403 minutes march 2014.pdf13 August 2020199kB
1402 minutes february 2014.pdf13 August 2020188kB
1401 minutes january 2014.pdf13 August 2020144kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1312 minutes s december 2013.pdf07 August 202062kB
1311 minutes november 2013.pdf07 August 2020151kB
1310_minutes_october_2013.pdf07 August 2020165kB
1309 minutes september 2013.pdf07 August 2020159kB
1307 minutes july 2013.pdf07 August 2020137kB
1306_minutes_june_2013.pdf07 August 2020170kB
1305 minutes may 2013.pdf07 August 2020350kB
1303 minutes march 2013.pdf07 August 202094kB
1302 minutes february 2013.pdf26 January 201499kB
1301 minutes january 2013.pdf07 August 2020137kB